We are in Plumbing Business Since 1997 in the state of Gujarat. We Started as a marketing Company for Plumbing Products and slowly moved to selling the plumbing systems by Providing Services - Like Designing, Training and Testing there by creating awareness of Plumbing Engineering.

Our mission is to market the state of art International Plumbing Products to upgrade Plumbing in totality with the support from our principals in GUJARAT.

We are Distributors / Channel Partners for following Plumbing Brands:

  • KiTEC Composite Piping System
  • ACO External Surface Drainage Systems
  • ACO Internal Building Drainage Systems
  • ACO Landscape Products
  • ACO Separation Systems
  • PAM Saint Gobain CI Hubless Drainage System
  • Geberit Councealed Flush Tank
  • Geberit, Capricorn, Bonomini Accessories
  • Insulation Material based on Nitrile Foam and Asbestos Dori
  • Valves : Ball Valves, NRV, PRV and Butterfly Valves and Sewerage NRVs
  • Air Admittance Valve (Drainage Venting)
  • FRP Covers and Gratings
  • Plumbing Accessories Clamps, Specialty Valves etc…

Dealership Inquires are solicited across GUJRAT region for some of the Brands.

Please do write us about any required plumbing issues, Our team will try to provide you with possible solutions and will offer world class products at reasonable costs.


Who Is PlumbingWorld

Maxflow Enterprise is working in Plumbing Business since 1997.Earlier plumbing business was made from shops and we had started new concept of selling it by providing services to plumbing industry.
We at Maxflow brought the plumbing products from European market to serve India the better Quality and services. To provide Quality services Max flow started to educate the installers by providing them the training work-shops with the help of expertise from the respective companies.
Our goal is to bring good quality plumbing products from European Markets for local Markets and to upgrade plumbing in totality with support from our principals. We look forward to serve trade networks across Gujarat Region.

Our Services

Living Bathroom at Gujarat 80%
Pipe Insulation 70%
Bath Accessories 40%
Drain Water Management 58%