The ACO brand worldwide stands for the uncompromising quality and performance commitment of the ACO Group. Part of our strategy is to bundle all of the core business activities involved in drainage within one strong and dependable brand. Nevertheless, our distribution and service organisations focus on the specific needs of the specialists working for our clients.

About ACO

ACO Systems & Solutions Pvt Ltd., is a 100% subsidiary of ACO Severin Ahlmann GmbH & Co. KG,Germany.

Incorporated in the year 2006, ACO Systems & Solutions is now equipped with excellent infrastructure and dedicated team of trained Sales & Marketing and Technical professional to provide a complete range of Products and Solutions for various market verticals.

With present staff strength of over 25 people based at strategic locations in India, ACO also has an excellent network of Channel associates spread across India

The strength of ACO lies in providing
  • End to End Engineering solutions
  • Advise on appropriate products and solutions
  • Pre and Post installation supervisory services
  • Installation supervision
  • Customized solutions
Mile Stone Achievements
  • Over 500 Grease Separators installed
  • Over 50 kms of Line Drainage channels
  • Over 1000 Mtrs of Stainless Steel Channels
  • Over 20,000 Shower Channels/Gullies
  • Over 25000 Sq. Mtr of Grass Grids
  • Presence in all major hotel chains
  • Formula 1 Race track drainage
  • Delhi & Mumbai Airports passenger terminals
  • CWG Stadia sports drainage systems
  • Connaught Place renovation
Surface Water Drainage systems

Technically superior. ACODRAIN® Multiline® channel generation sets new standards for the planning,execution and effectiveness of permanentline drainage systems. Using all ofour experience as market leader...thelaunch of this new channel generation fully delivers what progress and innovationis meant to deliver: all-round benefitsfor everyone.

Multiline Polymer Concrete Channels Overview

ACO MultiDrain MD is a high strength channel drainage system designed to provide an economical solution for the efficient removal of surface water.

ACO MultiDrain MD is a high strength channel drainage system designed to provide an economical solution for the efficient removal of surface water. The system is suitable for use in a wide range of applications including commercial and residential developments, pedestrian precincts, landscaping and parking areas for all vehicle types.

The ACO MultiDrain MD system is available in three widths, 100mm, 150mm and 200mm and has both sloping and constant depths channels. The channel unit is manufactured from Vienite, ACO’s high strength polymer concrete and forms the main component of the system.

You can choose from a range of traditional drainage gratings, solid covers and cross footpath drainage units to ensure a wide variety of applications are catered for. ACO MultiDrain MD gratings are fitted with ACO Drainlock, a bar-less locking device which reduces the risk of blockages and improves hydraulic capacity.

ACO MultiDrain MD also has a range of Brickslot gratings to complement installations which require a discreet drainage system. ACO Brickslot gratings are available in galvanised or stainless steel and are suitable for use with the 100mm and 150mm wide channels in the ACO MultiDrain MD range.

ACO MultiDrain MD is a tough and robust channel drainage system which provides high chemical resistance and the lightweight design ensures quick and easy installation. As standard, channels are manufactured with UltraSTEEL protective edge rails. The UltraSTEEL rails, with their unique patented design, provide optimum channel protection and improved bonding between the channel sides and the surrounding pavement material.

The system is fully certificated and CE marked to BS EN 1433:2002 from Load Class A 15 pedestrian areas, up to and including Load Class D 400 suitable for parking of all types of road vehicles*.

*This system is not suitable for carriageways of public roads or motorways.

The ACO DRAIN® programme is a genuine modular system: individual, personalised solutions can be combined from a range of channels, gratings and system accessories such as sump boxes – a system which will convince you in terms of technology and economy. Take for example the ACO DRAIN® Multiline® line drainage system.

Gratings for every application:
The ACO DRAIN® Multiline system solution has a simple range of different gratings suitable for most architectural requirements in terms of aesthetics, functionality and strength. The gratings can be combined as required independent of the channel body and are suitable for all load classes from A 15 to E 600.

ACO Galaline

ACO Galaline represents a new generation of customised line drainage. Two materials and a shared grating & accessory range provide many flexible options for the line drainage of public roads, paths and squares.

The expertly designed modular concept makes the new ACO Galaline the ideal channel system for load classes A 15 to C 250.

The new channel system is designed to provide an effective solution for a wide variety of applications whilst using the minimum number of components – a real benefit for lean inventory management.

The channel bodies are available in two materials: either polymer concrete or plastic. Gratings and accessories can be freely combined with both channel bodies.

The ACO V-shape cross-section offers optimised flow and self-cleaning effect.

The grating range

The ACO Galaline gratings can be freely combined with all of the channel bodies and can be used for applications up to load class C 250. The elegant looks also open up individual design options. The boltless locking system securing all of the gratings makes handling and maintenance very easy.

The ACO Galaline product range boasts the latest innovation in grating support. The innovative support for slotted and mesh gratings transfers the forces acting on the grating directly into the channel body via the rugged side wall. The gratings can therefore be slimmer, in design yet rugged in performence.

ACO Xtra Drain Polypropylene Channels

ACO MultiDrain PPD is the latest generation of high quality, high strength recycled polypropylene channel drainage system from the world’s leading surface water drainage company. The system is designed to provide an economical solution for the efficient removal of surface water, in applications such as commercial developments, pedestrian precincts, landscaping, residential developments and parking areas for all vehicle types*.

The high quality 1m black plastic channel unit forms the main component of the system, which is complemented by a wide choice of ACO Drainlock boltless locking gratings.

Traditional gratings and solid covers are available to ensure a wide variety of applications is catered for. Discreet slot drainage is also available for the 100mm and 150mm wide systems.

The system benefits from HexTechnology, an advanced process of plastic design and manufacturing technology. The hexagonal structure of the channel provides exceptional strength and rigidity whilst keeping weight to a minimum.

The ACO MultiDrain MD system is available in three widths, 100mm, 150mm and 200mm and has shallow and constant depths channels for optimum performance and system design.

The system is CE marked and fully certified to BS EN 1433:2002 from Load Class A 15 for pedestrian areas, up to and including Load Class D 400 suitable for parking of all types of road vehicles*.

*Not suitable for carriageways of public roads or motorways.

S Range Systems

ACO S Range is a channel drainage system designed to provide efficient removal of surface water in heavy duty applications.

Manufactured from Vienite, ACO high strength recycled polymer concrete, ACO S Range is tough channel drainage system with excellent chemical resistance. Integral cast iron edge rails provide maximum protection for the channel body.image

The S Range system is available in four widths, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm and 300mm has constant and sloping depths channels for optimum performance and system design.

The ACO S100 system has a choice of slotted, Heelguard™, intercept and solid cover ductile iron gratings to ensure a wide variety of applications are catered for. The ACO S150, S200 and S300 systems are supplied with slotted ductile iron gratings. All ACO S Range gratings come complete with bolts to ensure gratings can be locked and accessed when required.

The system is fully certified to BS EN 1433: 2002 up to and including Load Class F 900 applications - suitable for extremely high wheel loads including ports, docks and aircraft pavements.

Architectual Drainage Solutions - ACO Brickslot

The latest generation of channel drainage systems, ACO MultiDrain MD, has a range of gratings to complement installations which require discreet slot drainage.

Designed as standard with a heelguard 10mm off set drainage inlet, ACO Brickslot is a subtle and unobtrusive grating which when combined with ACO MultiDrain MD galvanised and stainless steel channels, can be used as a solution to complement discreet drainage applications and is ideal for use against building facades.

Compatible with most paving materials, the vertical sides of the grating enable pavements to be laid directly to the units edge. Once installed the system is totally secure and not vulnerable to vandalism or loose gratings. This makes the system suitable for applications such as schools and playgrounds where grating removal can become a hazard.

The channel and ACO Brickslot grating together provide and unobtrusive continous slot drainage system, with high hydraulic efficiency for fast removal of surface water. ACO Brickslot gratings are available in galvanised or stainless steel and suitable for use with the 100mm and 150mm wide channels in the ACO MultiDrain MD range.

The system includes an ACO Brickslot access unit to ensure easy maintenance and access to the drainage system, and is also fully compatible with the range of ACO MultiDrain MD accessories.

ACO MultiDrain MD Brickslot is suitable for Load Class D 400 applications. This product is not suitable for carriageways of public roads or motorways.

ACO Channel with Lighting

ACO LightPoint can enhance many professionally designed landscaping applications by providing efficient and illuminated drainage.

The central feature of the ACO LightPoint channel lighting system is a high quality ductile iron spotlight grating designed for use with the ACO MultiDrain MD or ACO MultiDrain PPD channel drainage systems.

A single LED spotlight with stainless steel surround is installed in the 500mm ductile iron grating. A choice of white or blue spotlights is available as standard. Where different colour combinations are required, RGB LED lighting control technology is available on request. This can be used to provide lighting in colours of your own choice, or to control a lighting system which changes colour according to a sequence you define.

To provide optimum lighting and drainage options, ACO LightPoint channels and gratings are available in two widths, 100mm and 200mm. Each ACO LightPoint grating also comes complete with ACO Drainlock, a boltless fastening system for speedy installation.

The high performance LED spotlights are sealed against the ingress of water and offer long working life of approx 100,000 hours. During this time the intensity of the light remains constant. The nominal voltage of the system is 28V DC and each LED spotlight is rated at 0.6W.

The LED spotlight comes complete with a cable tail and watertight connection, and meets IP 67 protection class. Up to eighteen ACO LightPoint spotlights can be connected together and operated from a single 28V transformer.

LED spotlights, gratings and channel components are sold individually to provide a wide choice of product combinations. Two ACO LightPoint kits provide a range of electrical accessories which allow you to complete or extend the installation.

The use of different gratings means that the system is versatile and can be designed to meet many different lighting configurations. For example, a standard 500mm D 400 ductile iron grating can be used to extend the distance between individual LED spotlights. All gratings within this system are finished with a high quality KTL coating.

The ACO LightPoint lighting system is certified to BS EN 1433:2002 Load Class D 400*.

*Not suitable for carriageways of public roads or motorways

Residential and Domestic Water Drainage Systems - Hexaline

ACO HexDrain is a high strength, high quality channel drainage system suitable for a range of domestic drainage applications.

Manufactured from recycled polypropylene; ACO HexDrain has a range of innovative features which makes installing drainage channels easier than ever.

The high quality, high strength channel system is available in lightweight 1 metre units, making ACO HexDrain quick and easy to install.

A choice of gratings completes the system; black plastic and galvanised steel (supplied as standard channel assemblies) and metallic effect plastic provide a range of application finishes.

A full range of accessories is available designed to aid simple and fast installation.

ACO - Euroline & Supermini

The drainage system Aco Self polymer concrete was designed and built for the runoff of courtyards, gardens, terraces. The range is very wide, to cover all application needs, and includes channels of different sizes, ranging from elements of minimum height (Mini, Supermini, respectively, 7.5 h ee 5.5) in the intermediate (V Selflock and Self, 10 h, the one with V-shaped, the other with quick fastening system Selflock) channels until you reach larger sizes (and Maxi Supermaxi V, respectively 13 and 18 cm) for applications requiring greater drainage capacity.

The cover can be made with grids bridge in cast iron and galvanized steel or, alternatively, a mesh made of galvanized steel. For the channels set V Self, Mini and Supermini is also the possibility of a drainage slit, with embrasure steel or galvanized steel, for applications where aesthetics play an important role and the drainage system should be almost invisible.

Accessories such as heads for start and end channel, sleeve heads, drains polymer concrete with galvanized steel roof grid and bucket of sludge collection complete many of the series.

ACO Accugully - Infiltration Gully

Accugully is a system of water collection simple, inexpensive and accurate aesthetically suitable for terraces, gardens, patios, condominiums in general. It 's very useful for the collection of irrigation water, the infiltration of rainwater, thus preventing the risk of flooding home.

The system requires no connection to the sewer system.
The system requires no connection to the sewer system . The cockpit is composed of a discharge HDPE (high density polypropylene) realized with technology of micro-perforation, a diameter of 20 cm and a height of 58 cm . Is positioned above a top unit with plastic frame, size 25.6 x 25.6 cm, which fits perfectly into the design of cast iron grate. The slits of the grid are of large size to prevent the formation of splashes. The cockpit has a collection capacity of 11 liters, a removable basket for the collection of mud and leaves complete the system.

Installation and use are simple :
you just dig a hole about 30 cm wide by 60 cm depth, place the drain, fill the hole with a layer of stabilized sand layer or bed of mortar, which is applied against the raised edge of the cockpit. The installation can be completed with any flooring surface.

Main benefits

  • No flooded surface anymore
  • No foul air from public sewage
  • No pipework necessary
  • Complete with silt basket
  • No connection to sewer system required
  • Saves time and cost
  • Value 11L
  • Easy solution where low-capacity drainage is needed
  • Infiltration Gully for use in gardens, backyards and private driveways

ACO Doormat

ACO DrainMat provides the safety and convenience of traditional matwells, while eliminating the risk of water ponding at house entrances. The system is compliant with Part M of the Building Regulations for England and Wales and section 4 of the Scottish Building Standards.

ACO DrainMat standard assembly consists of a tough base and a choice of three mat styles, attractive aluminium and carpet, or robust galvanised steel mesh. The base is available in polymer concrete or polypropylene and has three sizes available.

A slim galvanised steel edge unobtrusively holds your choice of grating in place, and allows ACO DrainMat to fit with block paving, slabs or even gravel.

ACO point drainage – removing water is a point not to be missed