ASTRAL FIRE Pro Pipe & Fittings

CPVC Piping System for Automatic Fire Sprinklers

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Astral Fire Pro is CPVC piping system for automatic fire sprinklers that provides superior hydraulics, ease of joining, increased hanger spacing in comparison to other thermoplastics and ease of assembly.
Fully approved for use in all light and ordinary hazardous rooms or otherwise light hazardous applications as per NFPA 13, in both new and retrofit construction, such as:
High-rise buildings (including apartments and hotels)
Schools and Institutions
1 and 2 family dwellings

Standards & Specifications

Pipes: ASTM F442 & IS 16088
Fittings: ASTM F43


2.0 cm (¾”) to 8.0 cm (3”) SDR 13.5 IPS as per
ASTM F442 & IS 16088


2.0 cm (¾”) to 8.0 cm (3”) IPS as per ASTM F439

Excellent Fire Retardant Properties

Heat of combustion
Flame spread/smoke generation