KiTEC PE-AL-PEX Piping System

KiTEC PE-AL-PEX pipe is in continuation of its philosophy of giving technologically superior products to the customer. KiTEC PE-AL-PEX Pipes are manufactured as per IAPMO IGC (India)-309-2014 standard. KiTEC PE-AL-PEX multilayer barrier pipe and compression DZR Brass fittings are specially designed for the hot water / heating applications.

KiTEC PE-AL-PEX multilayer barrier pipe is manufactured from high density cross-linked polyethylene as inner wall with an aluminium strip layer as the middle wall of the pipe which in turn is covered with a thin layer of UV Stabilized black polyethylene

Cross-linked polyethylene, commonly abbreviated PEX or XLPE, is a form of polyethylene with cross-links. PEX is made from high density polyethylene (HDPE). PEX contains cross-linked bonds in the polymer structure, changing the thermoplastic to a thermoset. Crosslinking is accomplished during or after the extrusion of the tubing.
The required degree of cross-linking, according to ASTM Standard F 876-93, is between 65 and 89%. A higher degree of cross-linking could result in brittleness and stress cracking of the material.

Cross-linking of polyethylene into PEX for pipes results in improved properties such as elevated temperature strength and performance, chemical resistance, and resistance to slow crack growth.

  • The high-temperature properties of the polymer are improved. Adequate strength to 120-150°C is maintained by reducing the tendency to flow.
  • Chemical resistance is enhanced by resisting dissolution.
  • Low temperature properties are improved.
  • Impact and tensile strength are enhanced.
  • Scratch resistance property is enhanced.
  • Resistance to brittle fracture is enhanced.

PEX tubing cannot be used in applications exposed to sunlight, as it degrades fairly rapidly. KiTEC has, therefore, preferred to use PEX to take advantages of its above mentioned superior properties for internal layer and use PE with carbon black for external layer. To ensure safe use exposed to sunlight.

Long life

KiTEC PE-AL-PEX pipes are designed for 50 years projected life subject to the following pressure and temperature ratings


    Temp. ° C

  • 23.0
  • 80.0
  • 95.0

    Pressure Kg/Cm^2

  • 12.0
  • 8.0
  • 5.0
End preparation for jointing

Cutting of Pipe

For jointing of KiTEC pipes, the end preparation of pipe is very important. Use KiTEC Tools only for perfect end preparation. the details are as follows:

Always use KiTEC pipe cutter to ensure burr free cutting. It is necessary that the cut is always at the right angle. Hold the pipe as shown in the figure to ensure right angle cut.

Rounding of Pipe

Push the pipe over the rounding tool, as shown. Rounding of the pipe end is essential. By using rounding tool, the end of the pipe is

Properly rounded.
The dimensions of the end are properly formed so that perfect sealing takes place in case of external as well as internal sealing fittings.

Chamfering of Pipe

It is always essential to chamfer the end of the pipe when pipe is used with brass as well as composite internal sealing fittings. The chamfering of the pipe protects the ‘O’ rings against any damage while pushing the pipe over the fitting.