One stop plumbing solutions

ACO Channels for Parking, Galleries, Podium etc.
ACO Grease Separators, ACO Kitchen Channels and Wide Range of Products

Kitec Composite Piping System - Hot Cold Water Gas Piping Plumbing with fewer fittings.

ACO External Surface Drainage Systems
ACO Internal Building Drainage Systems
ACO Landscape Products
ACO Separation Systems

Best alrernative to traditional plumbing KiTEC Composite Piping System

1. Hot Cold Mixture Valves
2. Advance Crystallization Process,(ACP- Water Conditioner)

Silent PP Pipes & Fitting

ACO Shower Channels
ACO Recessed Covers

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We are in Plumbing Business Since 1997 in the state of Gujarat. We Started as a marketing Company for Plumbing Products and slowly moved to selling the plumbing solutions by Providing support – Like Estimating Training and Testing. Our mission is to create awareness of plumbing engineering & to market the state of art Quality Plumbing Products to upgrade Plumbing in totality with the support from our principals in GUJARAT.

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You can ask us about any queries regarding plumbing solutions, Our team will try to provide you economical Solutions with Quality products.