ACO Separation Technology

Grease Separator

According to the European Norm 1825, commercial kitchens generating wastewater must have pre-treatment plants to ensure that fat, oil and grease (FOG) are not discharged into the public sewerage network. Otherwise, very greasy wastewater puts the pipe systems and drainage equipment at risk. Grease and oils are deposited with other wastewater components on the walls of the pipes and can lead to corrosion, blockages and noxious smells. Hence, grease separators, also known as grease traps or grease interceptors, have to be installed to retain greasy wastewater. This applies to commercial kitchens in Airports, Hospitals, Restaurants, Hotels, shopping malls and Commercial buildings.

Grease Separator Dimensioning Calculator

The dimensioning tool helps you to check the exact size and type of the grease separator based on the

  • Calculation per kitchen equipment and outlet valve
  • Calculation per number of meals in commercial kitchen
  • Calculation for meat processing establishment
Free-standing Installation

Complete Disposal

  • Oval shape - Polyethylene (LipuJet-P-O series)
  • Round shape - polyethylene (LipuJet-P-R series)
  • Special shape - Polyethylene (LipuJet-P-OAP)

Partial Disposal

  • Lipator-P-RM
  • Lipator –P-RA
Mobile Operation

Free Standing - LipuMobilIn-P

    Product Details

  • LipuMobilIn-P
  • Made of polyethylene
  • For free-standing installation / mobile installation
  • Tested at TÜV LGA in Germany according to EN 1825
  • With integrated sludge trap
  • Odourproof cover
  • Easy to install
  • Low weight


This grease separator plant is mainly used as a pre-separator for large-scale projects (LipuMobilin in kitchens and big grease separator in basement).

Grease separator – Full Disposal

Oval shape - Polyethylene (LipuJet-P-O series)

  • LipuJet-P-OB Basic version
  • LipuJet-P-OD Extension stage 1
  • LipuJet-P-OM Extension stage 2
  • LipuJet-P-OMP Extension stage 2 with disposal pump
  • LipuJet-P-OA Extension stage 3
  • LipuJet-P-OAP Extension stage 3 with disposal pump

Round Shape-Polyethylene (LipuJet-P-R series)

  • Round Shape LipuJet
  • LipuJet-P-RB Basic version
  • LipuJet-P-RD Extension stage 1
  • LipuJet-P-RM Extension stage 2
  • LipuJet-P-RMP Extension stage 2 with disposal pump
  • LipuJet-P-RA Extension stage 3
  • LipuJet-P-RAP Extension stage 3 with disposal pump

Special Shape - Polyethylene (LipuJet-P-OAP)

  • LipuJet-P-OAP
  • LipuJet-P-OAP Parallel