ACO Surface Drainage

ACO External Drainage

The ACO brand worldwide stands for the uncompromising quality and performance commitment of the ACO Group. Part of our strategy is to bundle all of the core business activities involved in drainage within one strong and dependable brand. Nevertheless, our distribution and service organisations focus on the specific needs of the specialists working for our clients.

Line Drainage

Complete range of drainage solutions for anything from domestic drives to airport runways. The traditional grated systems as well as secure monocast and high capacity systems for environmentally sensitive projects.

ACO Multiline Polymer Concrete Drainage System

Gutter Drain that offers flexibility with great variation possibilities

All purpose system ACO Multiline® V 100 – 500

With three choices of rim edge, five load classes, six different widths and four materials on grilles, the system is complete. Multiline covers most professional applications.

The technical trick is the V-profile. ACO Multiline® sets new standards with its channel cross-section. The range is also based on a new idea: a universal channel body can be used for every nominal width and type of edge-rail for load classes A 15 to E 600.

Technical superiority

The heart of the innovation is the V-profile. This new channel profile improves the drainage capacity and enhances the self-cleansing effect. The new side wall structure and the intelligent distribution of materials considerably increases the load-bearing strength and the overall stability.

This results in simpler installation even though the system has an extremely high load-bearing capacity. The ACO Multiline® universal system is available with all gradient types which can also be freely combined with one another.


The complete tightness of the channel body right up to the top of the edge rails, and the very smooth surface, increase drainage volumes during extreme storms. The ACO safety rebate ensures that the channel body units are connected to one another with a 100 % watertight seal. The new cast-in lip labyrinth seal ensures that the drainage system can be connected with a watertight seal to the drainage pipe system.

ACO Multiline® easily complies with DIN EN 1433 specifications with a very large safety margin.

Creative and versatile

The ACO Multiline® V 100 – 300 system solutions have a clearly defined programme of gratings suitable for most architectural requirements in terms of aesthetics, functionality and load bearing strength.

The different gratings can be freely com-bined independent of the channel bodies and are available for all load classes from A 15 to E 600.

ACO Euroline

Domestic and Economical Solutions

A channel for every application

The ACOEuroline drainage systems has been specially created for use in homes and gardens and is designed to withstand the weight of cars. It keeps entrances, pathways, garage forecourts and terraces free of rain and wastewater, thus protecting the building fabric. The optimized channel body and the new locking system increase the channel's durability and safety, making it easier to install.

  • Choice of gutters Drain made of polymer concrete
  • Free cross section
  • Variety of design grilles of galvanized steel, cast iron, stainless steel, plastic, powder coated
  • The successful ACO V-profile – now also for home and garden applications
  • Resistant to light car traffic
  • Screwless grating lock
  • Modular system and accessories for easy installation
Polypropylene Drain

ACO MultiDrain PPD is the latest generation of high quality, high strength recycled polypropylene channel drainage system from the world’s leading surface water drainage company. The system is designed to provide an economical solutions for the efficient removal of surface water, in applications such as commercial developments, pedestrian precincts, landscaping, residential developments and parking areas for all vehicle types*.

*Not suitable for carriageways of public roads or motorways.

  • Highways
  • Public and private roads
  • Distribution yards
  • Industrial estates
  • Parking areas
  • Railways
  • Airports and docks
  • Petrol filling stations
  • Residential developments